Planning a Renaissance Themed Wedding

One of the most romantic weddings you can plan is a Renaissance themed wedding reception. Many children envision a “Fairy Tale Wedding” and these themed ceremonies can fulfill those childhood fantasies. There are many places across the nation that host such wedding receptions and it will surely be a reception that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

First of all you must find a venue to host your wedding and the first place to look is going to be places that host Renaissance Fairs. These theme parks often host this type of wedding and offer themed atmospheres complete with wench servants and medieval style catering to add that authentic feel to your reception. There are several large theme parks across the nation. One of the biggest and best theme parks is going to be the Texas Renaissance Festival located in Plantersville, Texas just North of Houston. They offer all amenities and even provide the wedding cake. Another venue is The Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

At this venue your union is announced while you march in the King’s Parade along with King Henry the 8th and Queen Anne. The ceremony takes place in the Chapel of Blessed Mercy which is a replica of a 16th century chapel in Canterbury, England. Another venue that hosts these themed weddings is the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. This venue hosts the ceremony in a beautiful scenic area in the faire set aside exclusively for weddings which gives the truly romantic medieval setting for your union. The ceremony can be roped off for only your guests or it can be open to other faire patrons who gladly watch from the sidelines enjoying the festivities.

Next comes the fun part; picking out your wedding dress. Most Renaissance wedding dresses are beautiful flowing gowns with flowery wreaths and sometimes colorful hats with flowing veils reminiscent of a fairy princess. Another flair could be the medieval dress with leather bodice and a cloak with a hood. You can also decide on whether you want to dress like peasants or Royalty, but the look of Royalty is always more flashy and gives more of a sense of awe. A Scottish style dress can be very attractive as well and most feature a flowing white dress underneath with a plaid layered dress over the top.

Dressing the groom can also be a fun part of planning the reception and there are many styles to choose from but the style should of course match the bride, whether the theme is peasant, nobility, Scottish or royalty.

When planning your Renaissance wedding, the surest way to guarantee the atmosphere you’re looking for as well as making it easy to plan catering is to use one of the local Renaissance Faire Theme parks that handle all the amenities. Then all that is left is deciding on attire and you are on the road to fulfilling your childhood dreams of the ultimate Fairy Tale Wedding!